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 The Common Flea
Treating your dog or cat with a flea shampoo during the summer flea season will help prevent household infestations. However, once fleas are established indoors, more aggressive measures are usually required.
Fleas are brownish-black, wingless insects with stout legs used for jumping and crawling. Fleas measure 1 to 4 mm (less than 1/6") in length. Fleas are a common household pest, often carried into the home by pets. Feeding off blood, these small wingless insects can bite their hosts repeatedly, causing an allergic reaction. Scratching these extremely itchy bites can lead to secondary infections, especially in children. Due to their numbers and worldwide distribution, fleas are a serious health hazard. They have been known to transmit diseases, including the bubonic plague, which was transmitted to humans from fleas living on rats. Since the reaction to a flea bite is allergic in nature, itching can be intense. The presence of a flea infestation should not be tolerated.
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