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How long will it be until pests are eradicated from my premises?
This will depend on the pest inhabiting the area. Insect pests can take up to 3 weeks to a month. Wasps -within 48 hours in most circumstances. Rodents - up to 2 weeks depending on the level of infestation.
Will Rodents die in my premises?
Rodents usually die in their nests situated outside of the premises.
How long will it take for a pest controller to arrive after my phone call for assistance?
We will try to achieve a 2hr response time in most circumstances.
Will my children or pets be affected by any treatment?
Where children, pets or employees are present, Apest take the utmost care to prevent exposure to any toxic substance.
I am unsure of which pest species has infested my premises.
Free advice is available by telephone to identify your pest problem. Please call our Free Phone number for assistance.
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