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 The Cockroach
Cockroaches are second only to house flies in spreading disease. Due to their movements through habitats such as refuse heaps and sewers, they are capable of transmitting diseases to man including salmonella bacteria (food poisoning), polio and many forms of viruses.
Cockroaches can mainly be found crawling around at night, and spend most of the day hiding in cracks around drains or other dark crevices. There are two main cockroach varieties in the UK, the German Cockroach and the Oriental Cockroach. The oriental cockroach is the largest of the two, growing to sizes between 20-24 mm in length, the german cockroach however only grows to a length o f 10-15 mm. The Oriental Cockroach is usually a darkish brown colour where as the German Cockroach is a lighter yellow-brown colour. This pest can carry a number of bacteria on their bodies and are responsable for the spread of many diseases including gastro-enteritis.
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