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 The Honey Bee & Bumble Bee
Every effort should be made to avoid carrying out DIY control treatments. Honey Bees and Bumble bees are beneficial to man, as they act as pollinators of many fruit trees and other plants in which man requires the seed to set.
There are two main varieties of bees in the UK, the honey bee and the bumble bee. They are easily distinguishable from wasps, being finely banded in orange and brown, with brown and furry strong hind legs, compared with the yellow shiny and slender legs of wasps.

Usually the nests are produced in holes and in trees, or by excavating in soft or sandy earth. Bumble bees, like honey bees, feed on nectar and are not normally considered a pest. Honey bees and bumble bees feed on nectar and are not normally considered a pest, only stinging under extreme provocation.
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