Apest Southern Service Areas

        0800 731 6806

Apest Environmental Southern covers a wide area from Portsmouth to Andover, from Salisbury to Bridport, and all surrounding areas.

Below is a map of the areas Apest Environmental Southern covers.
Salisbury & Shaftsbury: 0800 731 6807 Andover & Winchester: 0800 731 6806
Bournemouth & Dorchester: 0800 731 6807 Southampton & Portsmouth: 0800 731 6806




24hr Call-Out
All our lines are 24hr, so please feel free to call at any time to talk to one of our fully trained staff. All advice is free of charge.


All of our vehicles are unmarked for discretion as we feel that not everyone likes to have there problems advertised in front of their property.
Evenings and weekends are all at standard rates as this is the most common time when you are at home and may need our services.
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